Thursday, March 22, 2007

charity concerts are for winners

I played a short set last Saturday as part of a charity concert for the cystic fibrosis trust and quite unusually it was recorded, so I thought I'd share it with you .. including all the fluffs:

01 - heartache maker
02 - thrill and bleed
03 - surface noise
04 - grey star
05 - fire exit

There is a video that goes with this audio so if enough of you request it I'll take the time to get it onto YouTube and embarass myself further! The great photo above and 199 others were taken by Neil of pic-a-day and can be viewed over here, and if you feel you'd like to donate to the CF Trust you can do that here.

John, who organised everything with his wife Maria, has his own corner of the internet that you can have a look at here.


Mr Rossy said...

Hey Tim, sounds like there was quite a few people they're. Those kinda charity dues can be abit stuffy sometimes, good work.

I thought Fire Exit / thrill and bleed were expectionally good !!
Ha i sound like some kinda teacher 10/10, hee hee

cchang said...

Definitely load a video Tim. I'd love to see it. I think Fire Exit is one of my favorites too.

Crash Calloway said...

Yes! I actually AM some kind of teacher so I can officially give this 10/10 with an air of expert professionalism.

Tim Young said...

Thanks guys for your nice comments. I guess I'll be getting that video edited and up on YouTube then?

Colin said...

yes, you will be Tim!


great stuff.