Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i saw a big monkey and i thought it was you

This week is the Contrast Podcast's first birthday and to celebrate we have a selection of birthday related tunes. I made the mistake of eating the cake in the photograph in about one bite and I gave myself tummy ache. Eat your cake slowly kids.

contrast podcast 52 - birthday


Natsthename said...

Happy Anniversary, Tim. Your podcast is a shining moment in my week, every single week. You rock.

Tim Young said...

Thanks Nat :)

Colin said...

A big Happy Burpday Tim - to have the stamina, passion and commitment to keep up and at the CP work is really quite inspiring.

And don't think for one minute it isn't *hugely* appreciated by all of us out here in Blogville.

So well done to you.

And, if I may, I second Nats emotion :)