Tuesday, April 03, 2007

video .. chain .. good news

As so many of you kindly requested them, here are the videos of 'thrill and bleed' and 'fire exit' from the concert I played at to support the cystic fibrosis trust:

I've also just published the latest episode of The Contrast Podcast
which is the second part of the song chain that we started a few weeks ago:

contrast podcast 53 - song chain (part 2)

... and there are a couple of other bits of good news. SAS Radio has secured a slot on the fantastic Dandelion radio this month (well worth a listen at any time) and I've just heard that a remix I did for this competition is in the top three (cross your fingers for me).


wendyo said...

I like both those songs Tim!

cchang said...

Thank you so much for uploading these Tim! This is the next best thing to seeing you live. "Fire Exit" hands down is just a fabulous song. I also love how well you enunciate your words. I have problems doing that when I sing.

SAS Radio said...

Excellent. I told you ages ago that Fire Exit was a great song!

FiL said...

Oh Tim. I FINALLY managed to have a look and listen, and it is wonderful stuff. I'm right up there with Cindy - methinks Fire Exit is glorious! First single, perhaps??

A pint of your finest ale, landlord! ;)